The passing of one year and ushering in another should be one thing we never take for granted. I was looking back and wondering what I have achieved in the past year. It looked a bit bleak until God showed me I was looking at it the wrong way.

He reminded me gently that indeed there has been nothing that I have achieved,  and gently whispered that together we have done much. He showed me those who had touched my life and reminded me to be thankful for them.  He reminded me of those who had stopped to acknowledge that I had made a difference for them, usually just by being there. I wish I could say it was all my plan, but honestly it was because during those times I listened and obeyed his prompt to be. He brought to mind a few others I have been carrying around like a burden in unforgiveness, and said it was time to let them go. (I am laying them down and what a relief! )

He pointed out to me the prayers we prayed that were answered. Desperate and sometimes frantic cries for help; Exuberant and joyful songs of praise when things were going well. He then highlighted a few that remain outstanding whispering gently, that it was an opportunity to seek Him more in the new year.

As I sat in this short school of remembrance, I was struck by the fact that all the things that counted for Him had people in them. I guess people will and always will remain the most important part of our lives. I just need to carry that truth to the New Year.

So Happy new year my friends. Thank you for liking my posts, for comments that encouraged. For those that rebuked,  for the laughter shared, the memories created. The pain we went through together or separately, the grace we ministered to each other when we erred. If you had a speaking part, may you speak some more next year. If you had a cameo appearance, may you be stirred to speech. If you just read and passed, I look forward to reconnecting with you in 2015

May God bless you all in every good work. May the boundaries fall for you in pleasant places. May you have a Godly and rich heritage in Him who makes life meaningful, beautiful and infinitely possible.

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