40 Things a woman should have by the time she is 40

I am heading that way. Well with a few years to go. I found this list in the archives and decided to share it again because I know as the time keeps ticking on, as the years keep rolling by and sometimes it seems like time has speeded up. The need to look back and see the achievements becomes greater. I think this was first published in an Ebony magazine I read when I was 21… so all rights are reserved by the original author. Mine is just to share.. and hopefully encourage and not depress those who may tick 10 out of 40 boxes!

By the time they are 40 every woman should have

1. A personal relationship with God

2.A spiritual foundation to get you through the really bad nights without going crazy.

3. A sense and knowledge of your purpose.

4. Willpower ( to say no to chocolate, bad influence and wrong men)

5. Style

6. A friendship that has stood the test of time.

7. Peace of mind and a piece of property.

8. A sense of humor to get you through the gray days

9. At least one person who you can say to you call! I come!

10. A library card used frequently ( or to be current a Kindle reader used frequently)

11. A good skin care regimen 

12. A good work out.

13. A broken heart and the knowledge that you can survive it.

14. A dream, a fantasy and a plan to make it come true.

15. Faith that doesn’t wane and hope that gets you through it all

16. A soul mate.

17. At least one drop dead gorgeous, don;t speak to me because you don’t know me portrait of yourself.

18. The ability to converse on any subject without the benefit of expert knowledge or access to facts (aka small intelligent talk)

19. A savings account in your name.

20. Selective amnesia ( Which Saturday morning meeting when a friend needs you)

21. A cause to fight for ( Domestic violence, rape, child abuse.. you get the picture)

22. Good body language. (multi lingual)

23. A credit card (used sparingly)

24. A facial foundation that gets you through the day without going ashy (,…)

25. A little black dress that makes you look 5 kilos lighter.

26. A great hairdresser, gynaecologist and stock broker.

27, A manicure, a pedicure and a massage done on one day ( Sheer bliss factor!)

28. A mammogram.

29. A set of matching luggage.

30, A ticket to an exotic destination to unpack it.

31. A will.

32. A good bra. ( let me say that again a really good bra!)

33. Gall. Gumption. Courage.

34. The memory of a passionate love that reminds you how much you give.

35. A selfish streak.

36. A shocking secret.

37. A pair of silk pyjamas.

38. A lifetime membership of at least one organisation dedicated to uplifting the cause of humanity.

39. The phone number of someone good with their hands (hmmmm plumbing works)

40.One last chance to tell the guy you were crazy about in your youth, who treated you badly, what you were too dumb to know when he walked out of the door with your heart in his hands….. THANK YOU! Thank you!! Thank you!

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