Life is short, I will live it

We spend so much time thinking, wondering and projecting what people will think or say or do to us.  We dress for others, eat for others and follow every fad that comes along.We wear dull suits and boring ties. We pull on dresses that do not suit our shapes, color or size because we want to fit in.

We hold our tongues and our words. Nice, ugly or just plain old truth, we don’t speak the words because we are afraid to offend, to stand out or be hauled into the limelight and criticized for our beliefs.

Why do we care so much what people will think? Some we worry about, we have never met and will never meet. Some we fret about carry burdens much bigger than anything we will ever carry in our lifetime. Yet others we worry about have such serious issues they hide with a polite plastic smile or a sarcastic word for those who dare to reach out and be different.

This year, I want to free myself from the burden being that person imprisoned by the walls of what people think or say about me. If I want to love, I will do it fiercely, totally and wholly. If I want to laugh, I will do so freely, joyfully and without a care in the world. If I want to cry, I will do so without worrying about my face, position or others thoughts.

Many people would give their all for one more day to love, laugh, to live free of pain, free of stigma or live free of lies. Life is short, I will live it with my all.

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